Value Proposition

We are committed to offering the power of financial choice to every individual and helping them create a crypto financial lifestyle.

Simple experience like bank savings

BlueBenx Earning products were designed for a more conservative class of investors and or beginners in the crypto asset market. As it is a platform with estimated earnings and based on the performance index of the portfolios, this type of investment offers an alternative for users to experience the possibilities of the cryptocurrency market in a similar way to other products in the traditional market.

Automatic reinvestment and compound interest

All returns will be automatically reinvested according to the defined period, transforming the returns into compound interest and increasing the performance of the staking services. This process of automatic reapplication so that users can obtain a yield that exceeds their expectations will be carried out by our intelligent system.

Higher profitability and lower fees for long stays

To encourage the emergence of new holders, the longer the period of stay, the greater the return that BlueBenx Earning will generate and the lower the administration and performance fees. Other bonuses may be added according to the investment time and customer profile. Therefore, to ensure that each user can reach the maximum capitalization, betting on longer periods of stay will be one of the ways to potentially increase the earnings in the period.

Monthly passive income on generated profits

BlueBenx tokens can be considered a safe haven for investors as they provide passive income in the form of 30% of profits made by the company through fees, leverage and services offered, distributed monthly to BENX token holders.
In the BlueBenx ecosystem, new and different investment options will be offered to users in the future, regardless of their individual profile. Our approach aims at greater accessibility to the cryptocurrency market, removing barriers and giving people the power of choice. We will offer investment options that combine profitability according to the period of stay and the amount contributed. It will be through BlueBenx Earning that we will validate and permeate our institutional values ​​that defend that: with strategy, focus and discipline, anyone can leverage their own future, invest better and gain freedom of choice.
“We will provide the ideal combination of high technology and the human touch for our clients through every step of their financial journey. We promise to be agile and ready for anything our users might need. This is a fundamental change and we will never stop improving"
BlueBenx Blockchain Banking Ecosystem