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BlueBenx Earnings is an exclusive module of the BlueBenx ecosystem and will offer high-performance pre-fixed interest in cryptocurrencies, developed with the best practices of the financial market, more sophisticated with Blockchain technology and transparency. BlueBenx Earnings customers will be able to take advantage of the benefits provided by single or multiple asset combined rewards programs through customized and secure products.
Intuitive as savings products, but more performant with the concept of fixed staking and liquidity mining, our users will be able to choose the period of stay with applications in FIAT currency or cryptocurrencies and earn daily interest according to their financial discipline.
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BlueBenx Earning programs will expand rewards possibilities for BlueBenx platform users, following the format already practiced by major platforms and encourage access for all people, from crypto savvy to traditional investors, through an accessible digital banking environment. , secure and familiar, while building confidence in compliance with evolving regulatory requirements around the world.
Our strategy is to facilitate the entry of new customers and help to spread the culture of Hold and Earn. Each program will be designed to offer transparency and simplicity in application and redemption, without the need for trades in order books and individual assets. The structuring of this module's service offerings is based on the staking functionality, being prepared by a specialized internal team and with approval of the conditions of use in accordance with compliance and risk policies.
In the first version of our app, already available on Apple and Google stores, the customer will be able to enjoy the benefits provided by two types of staking services:
  • Fixed Staking: In this product category, users will select the permanence time in the pre-customized options of 90, 180 and 360 days and will be able to receive up to 60% (APY) in interest compounded annually in their bank account in FIAT or BENX, the customer chooses.
  • Neo Saving: Neo Saving works as a flexible offering to users a new way to earn rewards up to 20% (APY) of simple interest on their applications and paid monthly directly into their bank account in FIAT or BENX, the customer chooses.
Customers will also be able to achieve higher accrued returns and exemptions from redemption fees for each application according to the amount of BENX tokens in holding.
The earning programs offered on the BlueBenx platform have a performance fee, part of which will revert to passive income for BENX token holders. This fee will vary according to the customer's length of stay in the program, that is, their financial discipline in waiting for the appreciation of their applications and the volume contributed, which demonstrates their confidence in our ecosystem.
An early redemption fee will also be charged, if the client withdraws from the investment, after opting for one of the previously stipulated periods, this fee may mean the total loss of his rewards, however, under no circumstances will his principal capital be affected in quantitative terms. , with only the incidence of price fluctuations arising from the market itself.
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