Crypto Portfolio

A platform with customized portfolios for the customer to compose their portfolio according to their risk profile. The objective is to give the customer freedom to choose their assets according to their view of the market, familiarity with currency projects and appetite for risk. This is an environment that aims to facilitate the path for new investors in the market, in addition to retaining new customers to Blockchain Bank.
In the market there are a multitude of monitoring tools, simulations or individual purchases of digital assets; however, few companies offer the opportunity to purchase transactions or liquidate multiple assets in an uncomplicated way and with low risk of performance.
Our experience shows us that a part of the Bitcoin newbies enter this market due to the influence of appreciation news or the absence of more profitable alternatives in traditional markets. However, they are speculators with little knowledge and experience to define their strategies.
Our proposal with the customized portfolio is to deliver technical insights, consistent analysis and statistics on assets so that users can build their own portfolio and enjoy the gains of this market. This is an additional service that can be contracted in the form of monthly subscription and discounted in tokens directly from the multi-currency wallet or even from the balance of tokens from Rewards.
In this modality, besides the customer choosing which assets to build their portfolio with, they will also be able to choose the total asset they want to invest and distribute the same percentage to all assets, or manually according to their gain strategy. Users will be able to build multiple portfolios. Time and discipline are vital factors in achieving better gains in a highly volatile market. Therefore, to be successful in this program, customers must choose a minimum period for holding the acquired assets and any change in this initial strategy will result in financial losses.
Despite being a high risk program, we will provide a Risk Manager, BlueBenx Shield, an exclusive service from Blockchain Bank that will allow the user to define their risk margins and exposures in the market according to their own strategy. This will have a variable rate according to the customer’s level of exposure and composition of the portfolio. The service will be charged on a monthly basis during the contracting period and will have an additional fee for the performance of the portfolio in each settlement operation.
Target Audience: High risk appetite, minimal knowledge about the crypto asset market and risks in relation to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. Users interested in this service must fulfill preliminary requirements for contracting. Such requirements include answering a questionnaire about their awareness of market risks, demonstrating sufficient knowledge for self-guided choice of assets, being in accordance with the specific terms of use and questions that define their profile as an investor in the cryptocurrency market.
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