An intuitive and secure platform, inspired by the main cryptocurrency trading apps where our users will be able to buy, sell, receive, send, store and monitor the main cryptocurrencies in a simple and secure way with just a few taps on their cell phone.
The ecosystem will have native connection between bank account and exchange offering an incredibly fast experience in cryptocurrency trading. With the app, we eliminate the wait for confirmations from the network, through the cross-chain integration between the FIAT and Crypto wallets. Users will be able to make domestic cryptocurrency transfers to their bank accounts at BlueBenx without fees, access their balances, execute trades instantly and make withdrawals instantly.
BlueBenx Exchange is securely connected with some of the largest international trading exchanges, supporting cryptocurrency trading pairs with the largest market caps and volume, such as BTC, ETH, ADA, SOL, USDT and others, as well as offering the BlueBenx token (BENX).
Trading liquidity will be guaranteed by capital reserve and liquidity provision incentive programs, offering availability and high volume to our users, who will not have to place their trades in traditional order books and wait for P2P orders to be executed.

BlueBenx Exchange Value Proposition

-> Buy: More than 100 cryptocurrency pairs available and twice as many pairs that will be listed by Mar/2023, without participating in the order books or waiting for confirmation from the network.
-> Sell: With high liquidity and asset availability and high trading volume.
-> Send: To other crypto wallets and other BlueBenx users as easily as a bank transaction.
-> Receive: With just one click on the cell phone, the user can display the QR Code of their wallet or share their address for transactions.
-> Withdraw: Our users will be able to manage their withdrawals in the BlueBenx application in two ways: through the bank account where the cash balance is transferred instantly, or through the BlueBenx Debit Card (Visa). In the application, users will be able to transfer the assets to the Visa International card accepted in more than 40 million establishments around the world.
-> Monitor: Users can monitor 200+ coins at their fingertips in the market tab. Available indicators include prices, volume, market capitalization, 24-hour percentage change and are updated minute by minute.
-> OTC: High volume trading for retail or corporate users with the best market quotes or our reserve. In this environment, the user has a human, specialized and confidential service.
The performance and market indicators are a great differential of the application. With our target audience in mind, BlueBenx Exchange focuses more on investors than traders, so we present the indicators in a simple way to help in decision making for each crypto asset at different time intervals (1D, 1M, 3M , 6M and 12M), as well as showing the highest and lowest price in each period.
----> Portfolio: the user must visualize his own performance between his purchase and the current market value and not only the variation of the asset in the standard timeframes. This prevents users from having to figure out their position or even go looking for their purchase history.
BlueBenx Exchange Portfolio
----> Market: In this option it would be more interesting and instead of just showing the 24H variation, we already present in the same line of the asset, its performance in the other times (1M, 3M, 6M and 12M) in percentage. This will allow the user to make projections not in speculation but in the long term as well. This information can be extracted directly from coinmarketcap.
Trading made with the BlueBenx (BENX) token will offer lower fees to users. Exchange fees are based on trading and betting volume. The higher the volume and/or the higher the amount of BENX in holding, the lower the trading fees. The table of fee discounts using the BlueBenx token will be available in the application, according to the profile of each user.
BlueBenx Blockchain Banking Ecosystem