Payments Gateway

Retail in the era of unified experience.
Over the past 10 years, eCommerce has grown exponentially and has undergone three format revolutions. We witnessed the replication of physical stores, the era of marketplaces and now we are experiencing the third wave, that of a unified experience, in which the consumer accesses different channels to make the purchase decision.
Soon the unified experience will demand the interaction of multi-currency payment to serve customers and shopkeepers who wish to pay, receive and give crypto rewards. The payment gateway of BlueBenx Blockchain Bank will be the payment system between the two financial worlds making it possible for eCommerce and retail to enter the cryptocurrency market.
In this sense, we will also offer Blockchain Bank users a retail environment for online shopping. B-commerce will be an eCommerce integrated with the HUB and accessible through the app. It will have exclusive discounts and benefits.
BlueBenx Blockchain Banking Ecosystem