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The All-in-One BlueBenx Blockchain Banking app is designed for all levels of users of neobanks and exchanges. Beginners will feel comfortable within an intuitive environment as they are gently guided to make their first FIAT or cryptocurrency transaction. Experienced users will enjoy a simple and fast system. These have noticed significant improvements in common features found in other wallets, such as the crypto portfolio that offers a real-time performance view.
The visualization of indicators and results is the great differential of the BlueBenx app, which aims to provide users with a long-term view of an asset or trading performance. Our target audience is not traders, but investors with a profile of holders. In every app, the market sampling is based on performance data for predetermined periods and that helps in decision making by observing the time and performance of the asset in the long term.
Any business solution or technological approach that proposes to connect banking functionalities to the blockchain needs to offer security and familiarity for users and be connected with modern technologies.
We rely on the familiarity offered by neobanks, a more modern and inclusive version of traditional banks, in this way, the entire experience of our users must be simple and fluid, eliminating the complexity of exchanges and conventional applications.
With authorial design and constant innovations in User Interface and User Experience, our app has concerns and intuitive solutions that range from the account opening process to the most significant and complex operations.
A single registration to access all features and services offered in our ecosystem, this was the way we found to create a friendly and safe environment.
To gain access, users must verify their identity by going through our OnBoarding and KYC, a step that was automated with one of the best technologies in the world and adhering to data protection standards.
Although DeFi does not require the identification of users, and every transaction is authenticated by wallets, we believe that when creating the bank of the future, security is an essential resource and validating the identity of each user is part of our compliance policy, generating security to both sides.
With the simplicity and security of a bank account, we want to be among the first crypto banks to be authorized by the competent authorities in each country where we operate.

What are we really doing

We eliminate the complexity and inaccessibility of cryptocurrency trading by offering a native blockchain-connected bank account, built for the crypto economy and capable of carrying out major day-to-day financial transactions, providing true accessibility and ease of using FIAT and cryptocurrencies.
Access to these services is provided through mobile interfaces and APIs. BlueBenx supports individual, corporate and institutional clients with their own accounts, as well as collective account services, including end-to-end digital exchanges and Blockchain networks, from concept to design, implementation and distribution.
Deposits, payments, transfers, debit cards are common operations in this environment and will be provided through a regulated and authorized payment fintech to offer digital account services, payments, fiduciary deposits and other functionalities for individuals and companies.

BlueBenx Visa International Card

We believe that the BlueBenx card is one of the main assets of change and that it will connect the virtual world of cryptocurrencies in tangible and routine deeds. Users will be able to convert and spend their cryptocurrencies at establishments around the world, as they already do with a cash debit card. To provide our users with this power of choice, we offer automatic and highly liquid conversion between wallets, making it possible and simple to spend digital currency balances anytime, anywhere.
The BlueBenx Card will help to make the use of cryptocurrencies tangible in everyday transactions, in order to change the thinking of most people that cryptocurrencies only work in the digital world. The VISA flag will allow it to be accepted in more than 60 million establishments around the world, including online purchases.
This will also be used as a customer segmentation strategy, through the BlueBenx Rewards program, which will allow fee waivers, token distribution and other benefits with our partners depending on the amount of BENX tokens in holding. In the future, our users will also be able to connect the BlueBenx card to the Apple Pay and Google Pay digital payment systems. Using the BlueBenx Visa International Card also provides rewards for BENX token holders, which are distributed daily.
BlueBenx Blockchain Banking Ecosystem