All-in-One Platform

The youngest members of Generation Z and even Generation Alpha – the next crop of consumers are more money conscious than many financial marketers may realize. Fintechs and challenger banks, however, are keeping an eye on the horizon and getting banking tools into the hands of kids as young as eight. Millennials are no longer the youngest banking customers anymore. Even the oldest of Generation Z (nicknamed the “Zoomers”) are entering the job force.
Most of the financial industry is still catering to Millennials and only just now targeting the oldest Zoomers. It’s easy to justify that focus as Millennials continue to be a highly important market. On the other hand, neobanks, whose customers generally skew younger already, are quietly nurturing adolescents and the generations following them, specifically Generation Alpha, which comprises any child born since 2010, many of whom are still years out from banking traditionally.
How? With unique bank accounts and innovative mobile services.
Our business is based on building a financial metaverse capable of transposing the traditional bank to the new generation bank, building a safe, technological and legal bridge between banking services and blockchain technology. Through an all-in-one blockchain banking ecosystem, we are making the cryptocurrency market an everyday reality for our users and transforming the way people invest and transact value.
To make tangible and offer the best of these two worlds, our ecosystem will be presented in its entirety through a mobile application where it will be possible to enjoy a native digital bank account, with a multi-currency wallet, cryptocurrency trading brokerage integrated with the largest crypto exchanges in the world. and exclusive investment services with just a few taps.
In this way, we are creating the facilitating agent that will make the relationship between blockchain and neobank, thus democratizing access to the crypto economy.

BlueBenx MultiFinance

The digital wallet will be the environment integrated to the APP for the movement of cash-in / cash-out amount, and it will be the virtual space for the customer to make deposits, transfers and withdrawals, carrying out the main financial operations of Blockchain Bank. It will be a multi-currency wallet allowing transactions to take place in fiat currencies and/or cryptocurrencies and will be connected with the blockchain and the digital bank (payment institution/money transmitter).All financial transactions in this environment will be recorded in the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain, thus providing security and transparency for users.
An important thing to note is that exchanges between currencies are done instantly thanks to the BENX token. In this environment the customer will see the total balance of their portfolio, with several possible conversion options. Therefore, they will have absolute control over their principal balance and freedom of choice in relation to how they wish to carry out financial transactions. This is the true management of the future in a safe, fast and transparent way.

Design and User Experience

Any business solution or technological approach that proposes to connect banking functionalities to the blockchain needs to offer security and familiarity to users and be connected with modern technologies.
The BlueBenx app, our tangible asset and utility that gives access to all Blockchain Bank products and services, is being developed to provide the best usage experience for people interested in participating in the cryptocurrency market.
All solutions, services and products are presented in a clear, simplified and agile way. The app is being designed for all levels of users, from beginners, who are guided by the usability journey to carry out their first crypto operations, to experienced users, who will notice significant improvements in the way they use, invest and transact value in the market of the future.
We invested in an authorial design where since 2018 we have studied and worked in compliance with the best practices of User Interface and User Experience, to provide the best use and relationship of users with all the functions and services of our Blockchain Bank. This is a dynamic market where flexibility and quick adaptability add even more value to the business model.
The Blockchain Bank app has intuitive concerns and solutions ranging from the account opening process (Onboarding + KYC) to the most significant and complex operations, such as: multi-currency products and wallet operations organized in a single environment at your fingertips.
BlueBenx Blockchain Banking Ecosystem