• Organization of BlueBenx Tecnologia Financeira
  • Capital integration 100 thousand USTD
  • Development of the 1st algotrade for BTC
  • First single asset portfolio managed in BTC
  • Launch of the private trading platform
  • Implementation of the financial management model


  • Creation and registration of the BlueBenx brand
  • Issuance of Visa Debit Card in Brazil
  • New multi asset portfolio (BTC, ETH, XRT, LTC, BCH, NEO)
  • Opening of the office in São Paulo, Brazil
  • Implementation of the Crypto Trading area


  • BlueBenx becomes a S.A.
  • Implementation of Corporate Governance
  • Implementation of the Compliance Office
  • AML deployment
  • Constitution of BlueBenx in Portugal
  • Incorporation of BlueBenx in Estonia
  • New crypto derivatives portfolio
  • Creation of the trading desk for OTC
  • Crypto Valley membership in Switzerland


  • Incorporation of BlueBenx Payment Institution
  • Incorporation of BlueBenx Capital Management
  • Great Place to Work international certification


  • Launch of BlueBenx Blockchain Bank
  • New offices in São Paulo, Brazil
  • BlueBenx Digital Account 2.0
  • Launch of BlueBenx Rewards - Crypto Rewards Program
  • Issuance of the BlueBenx Token (BENX) on the Stellar network


  • Launch of new products indexed to the DeFi market - Smart's Defi”s
  • Launch of BlueBenx Exchange
  • Implementation of PIX services (Exclusive Brazil)
  • New App Home with consolidated heritage view (Fiat/Crypto)
  • Issuance of the BlueBenx Token (BENX) on the BSC network
  • Leakage of liquidity by antifragile (-98%)
  • Smart contract upgrade
  • Project restructuring
  • BitMart Listing
  • Indoex Listing
  • AmpleSwap Listing
  • Blockchain Labs setup in AEU
BlueBenx Blockchain Banking Ecosystem