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Generation Y, Millennials: The Digital Born
The gap between what customers want and what banks offer has never been greater than it is now. Especially for generation Y, who are increasingly anxious for banking products and services that happen in real time, that are integrated and with a user experience connected to the digital lifestyle.
Generation Y or Generation Millennials, between 23 and 39 years old (1981 to 1996), developed at a time of technological advances and economic prosperity. They are known for being digitally born, since from the cradle they have followed the rise of the Internet and they are also the last generation to live the transition between analogue and digital. As it is a hyper-connected generation familiar with the digital environment, the simple and secure transition between the two financial worlds will be seen as an indispensable advantage, in addition to being something desirable.
Previously considered people with bad financial habits and more dependent on their parents, millennials are doing better than previous generations when it comes to financial management and investments. For them, planning for the future is a higher priority than spending freely and consuming.
Millennials are starting to save for retirement earlier than previous generations and finances are an important consideration when starting a family.
In the United States, this group owns $ 9.1 trillion in assets, or 7% of the total pie, and according to a survey conducted by Bank of America, el potencial de ingresos de este segmento de la población aumentarthe earning potential of this segment of the population will increase by almost three quarters in the period between 2015 and 2030, as more members of this group enter the job market and move up in their careers. The flow of inherited resources will also accelerate the accumulation of wealth for this generation. Given this, millennials are attentive to investments.
Three out of four millennials are saving, an increase of 10 percentage points in two years.24% already have US $ 100,000 dollars or more in reserve, 49% have a reserve below US $ 100,000 dollars and 27% still do not invest anything.
Of the millennials who are investing, three quarters are saving for retirement, more than half are building an emergency fund and a third are saving to buy a home.
Unlike previous generations, millennials use technology to invest directly in stocks and bonds. They are more likely to trust and be influenced by it when making their financial decisions. This generation that grew up connected to the Internet and with a cell phone in hand trusts both an application and a respected broker who wears a suit and tie.
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