Ongoing Marketing Strategy

The first phase of the customer base growth strategy is based on campaigns of interest, bonuses and gamification through social networks, insights in the traditional media and sponsorship of events. These actions aim to generate an initial base of interested parties called "Subscribers", which in turn will be attracted and registered in the BlueBenx (app), aiming at secondary strategic actions of retention and future loyalty by the marketing and commercial areas.
Each marketplace will have a different strategy aimed at adapting to the local market; however, our business models and approach will remain intact. We aim at BlueBenx’s growth with solidity and performance of our state-of-the-art planning.
Our focus, at first, will be much more directed to Brazil, our backyard, and Portugal as our historical brothers who speak our language, Portuguese. They will be followed by Estonia, where we have already taken the first steps towards obtaining the crypto license to operate safely on the European continent. But we already have a schedule of actions designed to become global, opening marketplaces on all continents.
In order to successfully implement our customer conversion plan, we set up a strategy based on the concept of "being a customer now" and not "being a customer indefinitely", as we understand that there is a tendency in the market for people to sign up for various applications that offer different financial services and who will make choices for specific use of each of these services, according to their interests.
BlueBenx Blockchain Banking Ecosystem