Estimates for customer conversions reflect a stakeholder base that already exists in our business.
The financial gains and rewards distributed through our staking and portfolio products will generate greater interest and market differential for attracting, retaining and making our customers loyal. In addition, the exponential growth of crypto assets and their derivatives will help us to further boost our Blockchain Bank and generate the advertising we need.
Innovative markets such as DeFi and NFT will bring even more visibility and interest in Internet searches and with associative digital marketing campaigns we will drive the growth of our Subscriber base, which allows us to implement an efficient and low cost engagement strategy for converting active customers.
As an additional media strategy, our press office will promote content and interactions between our main leaders and influencers with the public of interest, with a focus on promoting Blockchain financial innovation and the role of BlueBenx in the new digital economy. To further support the media conversion and reach strategy, BlueBenx will employ an experienced sales and content marketing team.
We believe that building innovative leadership in the industry will be essential in ensuring authority on blockchain innovation topics in the financial markets, as well as developing content about "traditional" and current finance in the market, as well as in the cryptographic space, to produce data and relevant, reliable and high quality information that will generate credibility in a highly speculative scenario.
BlueBenx Blockchain Banking Ecosystem