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Market Strategy

There are two financial worlds that are disconnected, we will change it.

Explore the Crypto Economy

The cryptocurrencies can be considered an advent of historical transformation on the same level as the emergence of the internet. Blockchain is not just a new technology, but a modern and democratic initiative that is building, around the entire planet, simpler and safer ways to store value, make payments and transfers and financial inclusion for individuals and companies.
We understand that there is a learning curve for people and that the adoption of new users to Blockchain depends on gaining the trust, already existing in traditional banking services, in the ease of access and security in this conversion journey. BlueBenx aims to simplify access to the cryptocurrency ecosystem for everyone, from experienced crypto experts to traditional investors, through a simple environment, inspired by the banking model, but simpler, safer and more familiar.
To overcome the friction in the conversion of new users and offer an ecosystem capable of meeting all the needs for the adoption of this disruptive technology, we offer a multi finance platform with cross-chain products and services, where our users can make complete transactions in FIAT currency or crypto and earn daily interest according to your financial discipline, as a savings product, but more sophisticated and modern with cryptocurrency features.

Our Commitment

We are committed to advancing the power of financial choice to every person everywhere and helping them leverage their own blockchain achievements, while building confidence in compliance with evolving regulatory requirements around the world.
Blockchain Banking will facilitate the use of digital assets in day-today financial operations and democratize access to investments in cryptocurrencies and their derivatives, which have been shown to be a more profitable alternative compared to traditional investments.
Based on case studies and business models of the largest neo and challenger banks, we have created a strategy to attract new customers and future investors based on the behavior of financially active people and the purpose of facilitating the adherence and access to the blockchain product market, without, however, forcing them to change radically
BlueBenx Blockchain Banking Ecosystem