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Our organizational structure is a strong point of our project, since it will guarantee total regulation for the business when obtaining licenses and authorizations from the legal and financial institutions where we are operating.
With the credentials, BlueBenx Blockchain Bank will offer the ideal level of trust, stability and credibility for integration between the two financial worlds. In Brazil, BlueBenx is a Payment Institution regulated by the Brazilian Central Bank. We are also registered in Estonia and Portugal.
By becoming regulated in all the territories in which we operate, we are ahead of most projects based only on smart contracts and blockchain in finance. For this, we count on the Nicólia Anjos firm and also on the legal advice of Pinheiro Neto, one of the largest law firms in Brazil.
The project is a way of regulating the company's performance, the blockchain (which brings transparency and faithful registration), tokenization (which brings liquidity) and smart contracts (which bring more automation, flexibility and security).
Thanks to these efforts, the project and financing model that we offer investors today is fully in line with existing laws and regulations. We work to become a world reference in financial technology and tokenization and to become an increasingly solid and reliable institution.
BlueBenx Blockchain Banking Ecosystem