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Know Your Customer (KYC)

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a set of actions that are adopted to ensure the identity and activity of customers, as well as to relate financial capacity with income from professional activity and / or declared equity.
For those who present a higher risk associated with illegal acts, stricter identification criteria and diligence are applied, including in relation to the origin of the funds and the customer's assets. The information presented at the beginning of the relationship must be accurate in order to better identify the risks of the practice of illicit acts by the Money Laundering Prevention area.
BlueBenx instituted in a decentralized manner all stages of the KYC process "Know your Customer", from your acceptance as a customer, through the history of relationship with the company, including during the required period of information preservation. These routines seek to identify whether customers have an unblemished reputation, negative media or are included in an external restrictive list. The surveys are carried out through a specific system, a database resulting from media monitoring, politically exposed people and global sanctions, indicating whether the customer is a party or has had any involvement in issues related to money laundering, terrorism, financial fraud, etc.
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