BlueBenx's compliance department establishes the institutional parameters and the conduct model to be followed in all spheres of our business. From strategy to the functional model of our platform, from the identification of the interested individual to the links established with providers, compliance appears as a solid and protective trunk in our relational conduct. The area is responsible for the analysis, registration of information and identification documents of customers, employees, suppliers and service providers with whom BlueBenx has a relationship.
In adherence to the best market practices, BlueBenx defined guidelines and implemented its Compliance policy, through the following strategies:
  • Know your Customer (KYC);
  • Policy on Prevention of Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing and Concealment of Assets, Rights and Values (AML);
  • Monitoring of atypical transactions;
  • Privacy Policy (LGPD); and;
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct;
  • Legal adaptation to the markets where we will trade the tokens.
All employees, from strategic to operational, are responsible for the permanent control of information and adherence to the Compliance guidelines. In this way, they undergo training so that it is possible to prevent illegal actions or actions related to crimes of: money laundering, corruption, fraud and terrorism.
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