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Leveraging people's financial future goes far beyond offering products and services that are affordable and profitable.
BlueBenx believes that new horizons are opened with education and better choices can only be made with knowledge and information.
In view of this reality, our business has the mission of contributing and evolving within the socio-economic ecosystem. The Horizonte Azul Foundation will produce several social programs focused on teaching and fostering new opportunities and businesses, as an incentive and incubator for projects that have a positive impact on society.
The horizon (‘horizonte’) is the line that separates the visible from the invisible, an expression that projects our expectations ahead. Blue (‘azul’) is a color that reminds us of security, confidence and responsibility.
For BlueBenx, the merger of these two elements provides a future with new opportunities for choices, what we call the Horizonte Azul, the result of the trajectory between today and tomorrow.
Horizonte Azul is part of BlueBenx's organizational culture, the way we see the world and create value for society.
We are helping people to invest better in their future, leveraging and achieving their goals, offering opportunities to open up the cryptocurrency market in an uncomplicated way.
BlueBenx Blockchain Banking Ecosystem