Whats is BENX

Our token will have the main governance and interoperability role in the ecosystem, being a solid bridge between functionalities, helping people to invest in this new market.

BENX leverage the BlueBenx Ecosystem

BENX is the primary token on the BlueBenx ecosystem. BENX offers regular interest payments for crypto HODlers, incremental liquidity provision and rewards for regular users.
BENX Framework

The BENX supply

Token name
Symbol (Ticker)
Token total supply
BEP20 / ERC20
Distribution mechanisms
No pre-sale, no public sale, and no ICO.
The total supply is 1.27 billion BENX. The total supply is distributed over different tokens standards to ensure easier trading. All the tokens taken together will never exceed the total cap of 1.27 billion BENX.
At the moment, BENX is available as native mainnet token, as ERC-20 token, and as BEP-20 token.