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Token Utility

The BlueBenx (BENX) token is the primary token on the BlueBenx ecosystem

What is BENX used for?

Scenarios for using tokens in the BlueBenx ecosystem primarily include the distribution of rewards to drive uptake of the BlueBenx app, including its products and services, long-term holding programs, and incentives to liquidity providers.
The function of the BlueBenx (BENX) is, first and foremost, to be a practical and efficient agent in the distribution of rewards from our ecosystem and to enable governance and interoperability between the app's products and services. But the Utility token is not just about operationalizing the ecosystem, it will allow access to earnings and fixed staking programs, which will bring versatility and multiple benefits to BlueBenx HODlers.
Customers who hold the BENX token will participate in the form of passive income from the profits generated from fees and transactions in the ecosystem, according to the amount of tokens in their wallets or in the use of products and services on blockchain banking.
BlueBenx Blockchain Banking Ecosystem