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Explore the cryptoeconomy on BlueBenx.

BlueBenx is a Blockchain Banking Ecosystem.

Launched in July 2018, we are building a all-in-one blockchain banking multifinance ecosystem for FIAT and crypto cross-chain transactions, private quantitative poolings, high performance staking products, crypto brokerage Dapp and a powerful blockchain labs for crypto second layer initiatives.
All-in-One Blockchain Banking BlueBenx
BlueBenx is a 100% mobile platform that connects traditional financial services to blockchain innovations without complexities, intuitive and secure.
Launched in 2018, it offers uncomplicated access to the crypto market through cross-chain features inspired by people's banking experience and functionalities for FIAT and crypto transactions.
BENX is a cross-chain utility and the primary token on the BlueBenx Ecosystem. BENX is used to provide liquidity through liquidity staking leverage, for seamless transition of the banking services, for payments and for rewards.
We have the opportunity to evolve traditional banking services into innovative Blockchain products and services to transform the way people enter the cryptocurrency market. We will be a safe and easy bridge for Blockchain Enthusiasts and new Crypto Holders.
  • Our Mission: Promoting the power of people's financial choice through Blockchain.
  • Our Vision: To be people's main choice to access the cryptocurrency universe.

The Bank Experience

Traditional banks have centralized financial power since the Middle Ages and until today this domain allows them to establish credit limits, segment access to investment products and provide their services according to their own scoring and customer segmentation models.
However, people trust banks and we understand the reasons behind this.
BlueBenx aims to be the next neobank generation on Blockchain, an intuitive, intelligent and complete ecosystem capable of simplifying people's journey in the cryptocurrency market and being the best option for those who want to leverage their own achievements.

Key Challenges in Crypto Empowerment

We were born in 2018 under a simple premise: Anyone interested deserves the power of financial choice to leverage their own achievements.
In view of this proposal, we work to make the cryptocurrency market simpler, safer and more accessible to more people. The pillars: Strategy, Focus, Discipline and Time are our work methodology and they guide decision-making, strategic planning, the behavior of our team and the delivery of excellence in everything we do. We believe that people who are guided by these values ​​can invest better, create a future based on their own choices and achieve their "Blue Horizon".
In order to develop a new, more democratic, more accessible financial metaverse and empower people to participate in the cryptocurrency market, we need to overcome the following challenges:
→ Complexity: Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are difficult to understand and invest for new users;
→ Restriction: In the traditional market, financial products and services are restricted to a few people who have a lot of money and influence;
→ User Experience: Complex and poorly designed systems do not encourage people to adopt cryptocurrencies on a daily basis and alienate new users;
→ Costly: Multiple operations on different platforms make transactions time-consuming, expensive and bureaucratic;
→ Disconnected: As long as there are two independent and disconnected systems, people will not be able to enjoy the best of each world;

User Acquisition Strategy

The strategy to win new customers consists of different approaches centered on a single objective:

All-in-one blockchain banking experience

BlueBenx brings in its DNA the technology for the development of investment products and financial solutions connected to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. To overcome the challenges mentioned above, we created an intelligent structure capable of connecting banking features and services to the blockchain in a fluid and high-performance manner:
BlueBenx Blockchain Banking will be the safest bridge between the world of traditional finance and blockchain technology. Our strategy is to use the familiarity that people already have with digital banks to leverage a new economy and accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies on a large scale.

Rewards for Learning and Holding Crypto

With a gamified proposal and several simultaneous programs, BlueBenx Rewards aims to promote learning about the crypto market and engagement with Blockchain Banking. The proposal is to deliver rewards in cryptocurrencies to keep users focused on achieving their own financial goals.
Our goal is to distribute cryptocurrencies and encourage people to keep these assets in their wallet for a while and monitor the evolution of the market. In this way, we are promoting a holding culture. After that, clients will be able to settle their rewards directly on the exchange within the BlueBenx platform, but the most important thing is to prove that financial discipline can generate income and promote new crypto holders.

High Fixed Interest for Liquidators

Intuitive as a savings product, however, with greater performance and more sophisticated with the neobank concept, our users will be able to make investments in FIAT or cryptocurrencies and earn daily interest according to the holding period.
BlueBenx offers passive income products through fixed staking of cryptocurrencies and regular payments directly to the digital bank account. To give our users more credibility and security, we will have a private pool of long-term liquidity, similar to a hedge fund, but smarter and more accessible.

The Blue Horizon Approach

The Horizon is the line that separates the visible from the invisible, an expression that projects our expectations ahead. Blue is a color that reminds us of security, confidence and responsibility.
For BlueBenx, the merger of these two elements provides a future with new opportunities for choices, what we call the Blue Horizon, the result of the trajectory between today and tomorrow. Blue Horizon is part of BlueBenx's organizational culture, the way we see the world and create value for society. We are helping people to invest better in their future, leveraging and achieving their goals, offering opportunities to open up the cryptocurrency market in an uncomplicated way.

Community Development

Leveraging people's financial future goes far beyond offering products and services that are affordable and profitable.
BlueBenx believes that new horizons are opened with education and better choices can only be made with knowledge and information. In view of this reality, our business has the mission of contributing and evolving within the socio-economic ecosystem. The BlueBenx Blockchain Labs will produce several social programs focused on teaching and fostering new opportunities and businesses, as an incentive and incubator for projects that have a positive impact on society.

Risk Management

Efficient risk management covers the entire organization and is present in our asset purchase and sale operations, financial sustainability, in the way we position ourselves and express ourselves in the face of scenarios, in operational conduct, in the technological systems that we develop and, of course, in the way we manage the financial trajectory of our customers within the digital assets market.

Compliance Commitment

Being in legal compliance, offering decentralized investment products and financial services that exceed foreign exchange boundaries are non-negotiable commitments for BlueBenx. Faced with a market still without regulation, we anticipate the creation of self-regulated and transparent policies capable of guaranteeing consistency for our business and generating even more credibility in the market.
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